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Low-Interest Rates & Deferred Payments: Offer Ends June 30, 2023

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Pay in 9 Months.

Simplifying the financing process will help you get more of what you want.

We'll help you find a financing option to meet your budget.

Best Kitchen Renovations

No Payments Or Interest For 9 Months

Affordable monthly payments after 9 months. No backdated interest.

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Low Interest Rate Of 5.49%

Apply for financing up to $100,000 and take advantage of this low interest rate.

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Pre-Qualify In Seconds

It only takes 2 business days for the full amount of the loan to be transferred to your account.

Financing Options Our Customers love

New Look Kitchen Renovations offers financing options for projects up to $100,000! Choose a flexible financing plan to suit your kitchen or bathroom renovation needs.

Ready to get started? Simply give us a call at (647) 361-1607.


Get Started Today With a 9-Month Deferral


This special offer is available starting February 1 to June 30, 2023. All home improvement projects will receive a special discounted rate of 5.49%.

After the 9-month period is over, pay a minimum monthly payment for your kitchen with competitive interest rates.

We recommend choosing this type of personal loan instead of a home equity loan, so you don't have to put your house on the line.

If you have questions about our home improvement loan, contact us today at (647) 361-1607.

Simplifying the financing process will help you get more of what you want.

We'll help you find a financing option to meet your budget.

Low Monthly Payments on Personal Loan


You will have more money to spend with a realistic monthly price plan. How does it work? Get a customized financing plan for any renovation project in your home designed by New Look Kitchen & Bathroom Renos. 


Homeowners can simply finance a kitchen or whole project by taking advantage of our limited-time low rates.


Personal Loans


Not all applicants will pre-qualify for a home improvement project personal loan. However, if you have great credit history and are able to make your monthly payments, you will likely be approved.


Our financing option is unique because you don't have to pay a dime for 9 months! Many homeowners love the deferred payment plan because it allows them to focus on their kitchen renovation, rather than paying off their dream kitchen as it is being designed.


Pre-Authorized Payments


Using FinanceIt, our team at New Look can provide the best financing and renovation services to all customers across the Greater Toronto Area. When choosing your financing options, sign up for pre-authorized payments.


This will keep your interest rates and monthly loan amounts in check without being another thing on your to-do list. If you have any questions about our special kitchen remodel loans, give us a call at (647) 361-1607. We are happy to help!



Mobile-Friendly For Quick Payments


Monthly installments can be paid using the mobile-friendly FinanceIt app. Personal loans don't need to be complicated. Keep interest rates low and monthly payments consistent by setting up your pre-authorized draw period from your bank account.

Everything related to your personal loan is in the palm of your hand.

Kitchen Remodel Financing FAQs

The average price for a thorough kitchen remodeling project is between $20,000 - $40,000.