Best Countertop Microwave in Canada 2023

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Are you looking for a new microwave?

Whether you want to replace your old one or are planning to enjoy the benefits of this incredible appliance for the first time (not sure where you’ve been living all these years), this guide has got you covered.

We have compiled a list of the best countertop microwaves that you can buy this year in Canada. Let’s dive right into them!

1. Toshiba EM925A5A-BS: Best Overall – Check Price

Toshiba EM925A5A-BS is one of those products that offers a perfect combination of features, performance, and price. That’s why it topped our list of the best countertop microwaves in Canada in 2023.

It heats quickly and evenly and comes with pre-programmed settings for many items such as pizza, potatoes, popcorn and more.

On the downside, it lacks fancy features such as a sensor for automatic heating and voice control. However, it still offers some great options like “Express Cook,” which starts the microwave for a number of minutes depending upon the number you select. It also features a mute button that eliminates the beeping sound. I think it packs a ton of value for the price with a sleek look that fits most kitchen modern aesthetics.


  • Power: 900 watts
  • Capacity: 0.9 cubic feet
  • Turntable: 10.6 inches
  • Power levels: 13
  • Features: Control lock, express keys, and pre-programmed settings
  • Finishes: Black stainless steel and simple stainless steel
  • Size: 19.2 x 15.9 x 11.5 inches


  • Affordable price tag
  • Express and pre-programmed settings
  • Even cooking performance
  • Modern appearance


  • Doesn’t have any sensors

2. GE JES1072SHSS: Most Compact – Check Price

If you have a limited countertop space in your kitchen, the GE JES1072SHSS will suit you the best.

Not only does it come with a space-saving footprint, but it also has a good-looking design. However, you need to keep in mind that it only offers 700 watts of cooking power, which means you’ll need to heat your food for a longer time.

If you need a microwave and you’re not planning to cook frozen food or make a cup of tea, GE JES1072SHSS can be a great choice. Despite its compact size, this product comes with many pre-programmed settings, such as a six-quick start functionality.


  • Power: 700 watts
  • Capacity: 0.7 cubic feet
  • Turntable: 10.75 inches
  • Power levels: 10
  • Features: Control lock, auto defrost, express keys, and pre-programmed settings
  • Finishes: Black and white stainless steel
  • Size: 12.7 x 17.3 x 10.1 inches


  • Compact size
  • Elegant and clean design
  • Express and pre-programmed settings


  • Takes a long time to heat some food
  • Not ideal for large gatherings where you need to heat up 10+ dishes.

3. Samsung MC11K7035CG: Best Convection – Check Price

When it comes to versatility, it’s hard to beat Samsung MC11K7035CG. It comes with air fry, roast, broil, and bake functionalities other than microwaving.

It also means you can free up more space in your kitchen by getting rid of your air fryer and toaster. This product even allows you to combine convection or grilling with microwaves to get browning as well as speed.

When it comes to microwaving, the Samsung MC11K7035CG offers everything you need, including pre-programmed settings and sensors. The oven cavity of this product features ceramic enamel and a scratch-resistant finish. Not only does it look good but it also makes the cleaning process easy. This feature comes in handy when you roast chicken because it usually splatters.


  • Power: 1,100 watts
  • Capacity: 1.1 cubic feet
  • Turntable: 13.5 inches
  • Power levels: 10
  • Features: Stick-resistant interior, auto defrost, air frying, grilling, convection, sensor
  • Finishes: Black stainless steel
  • Size: 12 x 21 x 10 inches


  • Advanced functionalities such as air frying, grilling, and convection
  • Sensor cooking
  • Packs enough power to heat up a turkey dinner for a big family.


  • Expensive

4. GE JES2251SJ: Best for Cooks – Check Price

If you like to use a microwave to make different recipes such as tamale pie or poached salmon, you should buy a bigger product, and that’s where GE JES2251SJ comes in.

It comes with a 16-inch turntable and delivers a staggering 1,200 watts of power. It’s more than enough for a large baking dish for enchilada casserole or ziti.

This product also comes with sensors that automatically turn the machine off when the food is done. It can also keep the food at a serving temperature, thanks to its warm settings.


  • Power: 1,200 watts
  • Capacity: 2.2 cubic feet
  • Turntable: 16 inches
  • Power levels: 10
  • Features: Control lock, auto defrost, delay start, keep warm settings, dedicated popcorn button, sensor
  • Finishes: Stainless steel
  • Size: 14 x 24 x 19 inches


  • Heats evenly
  • Large turntable
  • Sensor cooking


  • Expensive

5. Sharp SMC1442CS: Best for Popcorn Lovers – Check Price

Sharp SMC1442CS allows you to make the best popcorn. It comes with a dedicated popcorn button that has been programmed and tested against Orville microwave popcorn. The best thing is that it comes with the company’s certification as it offers the best yield, aroma, and taste.

It certainly doesn’t mean that people who don’t eat popcorn can’t use this microwave. It offers many excellent functions and features, such as preset pads and a sensor that allows you to generate the ideal results regardless of the type of your food. Whether it’s frozen lasagna or baked potatoes, you can use Sharp SMC1442CS easily.

You can also use one of the installed pads that range from one to six to start the corresponding minute(s) of cooking time to avoid multi-step programming. This product comes with a large turntable and features a stainless-steel body.


  • Power: 1,000 watts
  • Capacity: 1.4 cubic feet
  • Turntable: 12.8 inches
  • Power levels: 10
  • Features: Control lock, Orville Redenbacher popcorn certified, express keys, auto defrost, quick 30-second settings, sensor cooking, pre-programmed settings
  • Finishes: Black and white Stainless steel
  • Size: 21.3 x 12.4 x 16.1 inches


  • Sensor cooking
  • Streamlined look
  • Orville Redenbacher popcorn certified


  • Size is a bit bigger.

Final Words

These are the best countertop microwaves that you can buy in Canada. Consider reading the functions and features of each product carefully before making your final decision.

We hope this guide will help you choose the product that suits your needs the best!


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